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Para-gliding | Garden Route | R750pp Tandem Flight


Come Fly With Me, Let's Fly, Let's Fly Away!

Location: Wilderness

Para-gliding in the Garden Route is safe and simple when in the hands of highly experienced pilots. Join us to experience the freedom and

exhilaration of free-flight over the most beautiful place in the world. Breath-taking views of the coastline and mountains to take in!


Tandem Para-gliding


Come fly the Garden Route with us! It's fun, safe and easy! Within in a few minutes you could be flying like a eagle.  A SAHPA rated TFI tandem pilot handles the flying and you can just sit back and relax while enjoying your flight.


Anyone can do it, from 3 years old to 100 years old.

We offer Tandem Para-gliding Flights in Wilderness, Sedgefield and Knysna.


Para-gliding is weather permitting and passengers will only be taken up into the sky if it is safe to fly.

In Flight Pictures or full HD videos on all flights for R200 additional fee, this includes your 4GB SDHC (SD) card.


We operate from the Garden Route and are flying near towns of George, Mossel Bay, Wilderness, Plettenberg Bay, Knysna and Sedgefield. The majority of our flights are done between Sedgefield and Wilderness.


Tandem flying is fun, safe and easy and within in a few minutes you could be flying like an eagle.

A SAHPA tandem rated pilot will fly with you and you can sit-back and relax while you share the joy of flying with them!



Sky high Para-gliding School



Do you ever dream of flying with the Eagles... we’ll make that dream come true.

Learn to para glide using the latest equipment and with the knowledge that your professional instructor is licensed with SAHPA.


1 Day Introduction Course


Our 1 Day Introduction Course gives you the first taste of free-flying. Get an idea how to pull it up, fly and land on your own. The first flights are conducted from a training hill about 40m high.


2 Day Introduction Course


The 2 Day introduction Course gives you an in depth insight into the feel of para-gliding. After you completed the first day we will do some fine tuning to get you ready to fly safely off the higher hills and mountains. The second day consists of at least 2 flights from sites higher than 100m.


Basic License Course


After completing the basic license course requirements you will be issued a basic license from SAHPA which enables you to fly almost anywhere in South Africa and the World. Your SAHPA license is recognized internationally through its association with FAI. The Course fee includes Equipment rental, Transport to and from the sites, Theory Lessons and lectures.


CONTACT US: Johnnie Borrett Cell 082 959 8818




WILDERNESS 074-646-9582  |  PLETTENBERG BAY 061-920-2219  |  MOSSEL BAY 082-0661197  |  GEORGE 084-611-2336

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